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They are frequently impregnated with fine aggregates to improve traction and to minimize slipping hazards. - Cementitious coatings are generally comprised of Portland cement combined with a vermiculite or perlite premix. The mixture is pumped through a hose at high pressure, and is then applied to the desired surface. In many cases, due to water infiltration or damage from the environment, it is necessary to remove the facing surfaces and decking materials from a balcony, stabilize the steel framework that ties the structure to the building, and then replace the facing surfaces with new or recovered material. These additives improve the mechanical performance of the mortars by improving adhesion qualities, extending working times and improving hot weather workability. - Traffic coatings protect concrete surfaces from wear and tear caused by automobiles, machinery or pedestrian traffic. - Most concrete structures are reinforced by reinforcement rods (rebar) or structural steel. - Shotcrete is a material that combines concrete with compressed air. A consideration to work out a yearly maintenance plan for restoration is also recommended.

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