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rolex submariner price
Time is running out, worried that fans around the country for the 50 anniversary of the Rolex 24 at Daytona. Hard work, dedication and perseverance are necessary for these pilots and crew. To prepare mentally, emotionally and physically before and during the celebration of the epic 2012 Rolex 24 º crew must unite to prepare for a smooth race driver. There are many preparations and specific tasks to each crew member ready to. Will the car is in the hands of the crew. Everyone in the race has an important role depends on the fuel, the mechanical rotation of the tires and make sure the driver is ready and attentive. Each job in the race is important and essential for safe driving. All functions include the position of all parties and, finally, to win. The pilots and their crews are the pits of hell and back, since winning the battle against time for this title. They have to endure the cold of the famous Daytona, lack of sleep, fatigue, injuries and accidents. They are blood, sweat and tears, and experience the unknown possibilities and consequences of the race. However, it is a winner, a runner, and an increase in the team from the depths of hell and to claim that winning the title: The beauty of the 24th Rolex light Tighten the countdown to the anniversary of the 50th Rolex road tax 24 (28 to January 29, 2012), up! Fans of the series of James Bond will soon have the opportunity to get their hands on one of your valuable equipment. One of the most sought after Rolex watches, which helped him out of difficult situations commonly found for sale. In the James Bond film Live and Let Die, Roger Moore receives a Rolex Submariner reference 5513, which have been modified to include all typical bonds. The real Rolex Moore used in the film has been completely rebuilt. The bezel around free Bond, and his damsel in distress shark is still in the original Rolex. The back of the Rolex is signed "Roger Moore 007th" There is a small hole that used to install a thin wire, to unpack Jane Seymour's clothes during the shoot. Produced in 1972, the clock still has its original bracelet, Roo. In the film, the Rolex comes with a "high intensity magnetic", acting as a shield to the balls. The sale of the clock are also the original concept drawings Syd Cain clock and two framed photographs of Rolex Moore as his character in the film. The clock is estimated to sell for $ 230 000 to $ 450,000. It will be sold by Christie's in Geneva in November 2011.

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