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Omega Speedmaster Professional
The Speedmaster Professional, NASA official now look, the first left Earth during the Christmas season in 1968, when Frank Borman and his team performed the first manned orbit around the moon and won the "See the Moon "name in 1969 when I first watch was worn on the moon, Buzz Aldrin is mounted on the lunar surface. Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon had its master clock speed in the lunar module as a backup timer for an instrument that had not left. Omega Speedmaster The clock is used not only in space, the former Soviet Union also chose the Omega Speedmaster Professional as an Apollo-Soyuz clock. The space station Mir was continuously occupied for almost ten years and in 1997, three Speedmaster Professional Omega watches were delivered to the station, one of the professional "Moonwatch", was the only watch that has been certified by NASA for using EVA spacewalks. Other clocks are another type of X-33 Speedmaster Professional, the multifunction quartz watches are contrary to the original Speedmaster X-33 was developed especially for use in space. Was chosen as the official watch of the space station Mir.

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